Holm Consulting is a software solution provider

Business strategy is nothing without execution. Execution is nothing without tools. At Holm Consulting we design and put to work innovative tools, methods, procedures and solutions to help organizations manage and deliver their products, day-to-day operations and services while maintaining efficiency, minimizing risk and attaining a higher standard of service.

Our services are specifically tailored to each client. Our approach is personalized and hands-on, guided by the highest level of industry expertise. We work closely with our clients at their places of work to learn their business models and fully understand their operational needs. We develop precisely tailored technology, custom strategies and creative solutions that serve them best. Because our clients are our partners, we work together as one team toward a common goal. Our clients have a stake in our solutions and we have a stake in their success. After completion of each project, we perform thorough quality control tests and then expertly guide them through the implementation process.

Our developers and technology partners are passionate about what they do; they are highly reputable and experienced: and they specialize in the solutions we provide and support. This enables Holm Consulting to provide a comprehensive suite of consulting services that supports our clients’ diverse implementation needs, ranging from more technical system configuration and interface design, to providing functional best practices and legacy systems maintenance

Holm Consulting Technology Solutions

We provide organizations with experienced developers with years of expertise in technology, business solutions and processes. We manage end-to-end implementations of project and operational activities including project management, requirements gathering, interface design, testing, communications, training and more. We also specialize in maintaining and further developing legacy systems.

We have expertise in a diverse set of industries in which we offer our clients functional and technical specialists with specific expertise centered around their business strategies and operational needs.

We have the flexibility and knowledge to handle both discrete project needs, as well as holistic implementation support for all project activities across the organizational chart.

With experience that includes the implementation of technologies arcross different business from finance, insurance , travel and public sector,
we understand common issues, challenges and day-to-day difficulties that occur throughout the implementation process. We have the capability to provide global support with consultants across the US, Europe, and Asia. We also have the capability to work onsite or remotely.

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